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After years of working in the recruitment industry, I set up Enter Recruitment with a mission to bring talent into this exciting industry which I love. Enter focuses on diversity and inclusion, returners to work and graduates. 

The engagement from those both within and around the industry has been overwhelming and I’m very grateful for all support received so far! However, as with any startup, we are still experimenting to find the best way to achieve our mission.

We held our first event in London on 18th May with the aim to educate job seekers about the recruitment industry and introduce them to recruitment businesses who were hiring. The event was well supported by the industry and included speakers such as Ann Swain, James Osborne and many others.. 

Following the event, we found that the format worked, and this was something we would bring to future events. However, while we had about 60 delegates arrive on the day, there was only one hire which was disappointing. Attracting individuals to the event proved to be extremely difficult. We sent out eshots with TotalJobs and TargetJobs, worked with CV Library, Mumsnet, Mummy and Daddyjobs.com, promoted on social media and produced a number of sponsored adverts for Facebook and LinkedIn as well as magazine advertising in the Metro and the Standard, however this didn’t seem to be enough or reach our intended audience. 

The next planned initiative was a university roadshow. After speaking with recruitment agencies, it seemed a lot were looking at attracting graduates to their businesses. So, taking our learnings from the previous event we decided to go where the candidates are. Therefore, we planned to produce a series of on-campus events to promote the recruitment industry and encourage those in their final year to secure a career in recruitment before sitting their final exams. Once this was promoted within the industry I realised that although agencies did want to attract these individuals, there were some concerns around the concept not being proven. Graduates tend to move around after university and agencies may find themselves confirming employees 9 months before they start and potentially not knowing requirements at that time. 

Now I want your feedback as leaders of our industry in exactly what you want.



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