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Starting out in recruitment? How you can hit the ground running


The first three months of a new job are amongst the hardest you will face in any new job, and recruitment is no exception. You don’t just want to muddle through, you want to thrive and flourish. You need to work hard to hit the ground running and prove yourself invaluable, according to Geoff Sims, author of The Race to Pace and founder of Waq’e Consultants.

The process starts before you even step through the front door. It is worth researching your new organisation and learning as much as possible about it, and your new colleagues. The more you know, the better off you will be.

It is important to clarify precisely what is expected off you. For example, will you be client facing immediately; are you expected to secure new clients; are you candidate facing? How will you be measured in terms of success or failure? This allows you to put together plans for accomplishing your goals and, just as importantly, identify any gaps in your skillset. Are there skills you do not possess that you will need? This is your chance to think about opportunities for training and improvement.

Once you have put these foundations in place, you can then start to learn about the three groups of people you will need to build good relationships with:

Make sure you learn everything you can about existing to potential clients before you ever make contact with them. It can be helpful to check your internal database for any information about the organisation, especially regarding their culture and values. There can be important differences between companies, countries and, in the modern era, even continents.  

Just as important as learning about clients, is learning about colleagues. These are the people who can help you overcome challenges and learn about your role as you settle in. Find out who excels at what, and if you need any help, feel free to ask them. Likewise, you can share your own expertise and ideas with them. You also need to understand the culture of your new office and the different ways people work.

The third group you need to learn about, are your candidates. You need to understand these people, so you know who will be a good fit with a certain company and who will thrive in different kinds of role. We all know that people can clash with certain types of workplace cultures and management styles and you will need to know your candidates well in order to anticipate these clashes.


  • Agree Goals

  • Make a plan

  • Identify gaps in your skillset

  • Identify key stakeholders

  • Build relationships

  • Chase feedback

Geoff’s new book, The Race to Place, is dubbed the essential pocket guide to the world of recruitment. The Race to Place is available to buy at a discounted rate of £9.99 until the end on June 2018, via Melrose Books, or call them directly on 01353 646608.

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