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Job vs Career

The average Briton will spend 26 years of their lives asleep. 

Women will spend 8.5 years shopping.
Men will spend 4 months shaving.
On average we spend 8 years 10 months watching TV.

It probably won’t surprise you to know that the average Brit will spend twelve years of their lives working, with two of those years in meetings.

Given that we spend so much of our life earning a living, surely, we should be choosing a career we love. A recent government survey of 1,133 working adults claim that only 17% love their job. Close to half said they liked their job with a further one in five (20%) neither like nor dislike their job. 10% say they dislike their jobs with 6% says they actively hate their job.

Yeah, my job is ok, it pays the bills’ Is this enough? With unemployment at an all-time low we should all be able to choose a career which is highly satisfying.
Changing industries is a nerve wracking process but if you are working in an industry which you’ve been in for a long time or maybe you took a role right after school/college/university it is even harder sometimes to break out.

This is where I believe the recruitment industry can help, not only do recruitment business know and understand about transitions which are possible you may also consider working in recruitment. There are several individuals in the recruitment industry who have either re-trained (without having to go back into education) or now recruit for the industry they once worked in. The recruitment industry is currently understaffed and actively looking for job seekers who are interested in training to be a recruitment consultant. Admittedly it isn’t for everyone, everyday is different, you’ll need to learn to be proactive, think on your feet, listen to job seekers and employers and manage the entire process from first enquiry to the first day on the job and beyond. Coaching the job seeker through the process. It is challenge and extremely rewarding.

If you are finding yourself in a tough situation, unsure if your job is really a career and you are ready to consider another avenue come along to the Recruitment education and job fair on 18th May in London. You will can learn about the wonderful world of recruitment, listen to a few talks, meet our experts for CV and interview advice as well as meeting recruitment businesses who are currently looking at employing trainees.   
Visit www.enterrecruitment.co.uk today to book your place.

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