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Recently, there was a post on LinkedIn about a candidate who had been interviewed for a job and rejected due to a period of 8 years out of the workplace. The employer feedback was that the candidate was brilliant for the role other than the long gap. Needless to say, she didn’t get the job.

I say, just as well. If they are the sort of employer to not take someone because they took time out to raise a family, family values are probably not at the core of what they do.

Despite this, what I am here to say is that plenty of businesses do!



They do offer flexible working, they do understand sometimes you have to work from home when your children are unwell or they have a regular work from home policy, they offer flexible working and focus on the modern workplace. What may surprise you to know is that a lot of these businesses are in the recruitment industry.

If you look through the Times Best Companies to work for you will see the recruitment industry represented above all other industries. This is because there is a new breed of recruitment businesses — in fact they’ve been around a while. These organisations truly believe in diversity and inclusion and actively seek a diverse workforce, they understand the importance of retaining their staff and the work/life balance is key to this. Alongside all the training, flexibility and outstanding benefits packages is a position with bonuses, career progression and a job which is truly rewarding.

The great thing about recruitment is that you don’t need any experience. It does not matter about your background or education level. Success is basked purely on your own merits, in fact a lot of what makes the best recruiters is the ability to listen to job seekers and employers and care about finding the right match. Job satisfaction comes in abundance, placing the right job seeker in the right role and knowing you have made a difference to someone’s life.

If you are finding yourself looking to get back into work after a break, maybe you’ve had time off to raise a family, care for a relative, maybe you’ve been made redundant or travelled the world (lucky you!), I would urge you to think about a career in recruitment.

You can find out more about the recruitment industry, what the positions look like and what employers are really looking for at the Recruitment Education and Job Fair on 18th May in London. You can pop in from 11am to 7pm — listen to some of the talks and meet our experts who will be on hand all day to discuss your next position and how a career in recruitment could be the answer you are looking for.

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