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Rob Johnson - Managing Director - Global Resourcing

Having studied business at school but with no clear idea of what I wanted to do, I was looking for a career where I could meet lots of people and, ultimately, enjoy a fantastic earning potential. A friend of the family was in recruitment at the time and raved about the amount of customer interaction, opportunities to get out of the office for meetings and of course, the chance to earn well. I chose to undertake an ‘sandwich’ HR degree to help to position me for a role in recruitment by giving me a better understanding of how an HR department functions, something that has been invaluable. For my placement I chose not to take one of the roles in HR itself, opting to try to obtain a role in HR for a year. With HR roles running out and a deadline of a month to get a job, I bought a paper and called every agency that was advertising a role. Fortunately, I got through to some friendly contacts and secured a few interviews, eventually joining a large agency. The placement was fantastic, and I really thrived, finding the role and the chance work with a huge number of interesting people fascinating.


Having graduated from University and continued employment with the large agency, I then moved to a small niche agency. I grew with the company, with no place to hide in a small and highly entrepreneurial business and gained more experience and exposure. Since that time, I have joined Global Resourcing and it’s here that my career has really taken off. After fifteen years in the industry I’m now the Managing Director at Global Resourcing and I wouldn’t change what I do or the industry I work within for the world. Over the years, I’ve travelled as far as China to meet clients, interviewed some incredible people, spoken at events, worked with amazing brands and clients, and along the way I’ve been lucky enough to build a future for myself.


The recruitment industry has everything you need, you just need to bring the right attitude. Please believe me when I say that it’s a hard job; simple in concept but incredibly hard work when it’s done properly, and the hours can be long. You’re tested at every turn. Running a recruitment desk means being your own boss and being highly self-motivated, in addition to being, an advisor, coach, confidant, marketeer, public speaker, manager, researcher and ultimately a salesperson. It’s an incredible industry that, providing you have the motivation, will give you everything you need in life. There aren’t many industries that are still so meritocratic but in recruitment you really can get out as much as you put in.

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