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Philip Wagstaff - Philip Wagstaff Associates

I started in Recruitment on the 3rd March 1980 for SOS, in their Leeds offices.

I knew nothing about recruitment, having been in catering for 8 years. I was interviewed twice, and was told I would get an answer on the Friday. I did not hear anything and not really knowing any better phoned the Regional Manager and asked why no one had called me as promised. I think it took him by surprise, he offered me the job and I started the next Monday on a two week training course, learning ‘standard parts’ everything was scripted!

I had not planned a career in recruitment. I remember the advert said "do you want to earn £3800pa" At the time I needed a job, I was recently married and had a daughter - I was 23.

I those days everything was done by phone, we did have a telex before we got a fax and a copier. You had to sell over the phone to get jobs on and people on interview. You worked to ratio’s and fee generation. My best week as a consultant was when I made 9 placements! I was doing commercial recruitment at the time.

I loved every minute of it, it was simpler in those days, and have been in it for 38 years now.

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