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Phil Walsh - Global Resourcing

After obtaining excellent GCSEs, I headed to college with a head full of academic ambition, only to realise that further education wouldn’t satisfy the hunger for success that I desired.

After fighting the urge for a full year, I eventually left college and accepted an offer of employment in a non-recruitment role that seemingly offered the world. Of course in reality the role failed to live up to expectations, but I stuck at it for four years with a naive hope that it would work.  When I finally realised that I should move on, I handed in my notice and posted my CV everywhere.

I soon received a call from Global Resourcing, the Sales Director at the time had seen something in my personal profile that he liked and he requested a meeting. We met and very quickly I realised that recruitment would allow me to achieve my goals, with a clear message of what I would need to do in order to be successful. I was sold, and accepted an offer to join the business as a “Resourcer” on £12k a year.

In April 2018, 14 years after my first day, I am still employed at Global Resourcing. After continually developing through a number of positions, it’s me that’s the Sales Director, trawling the CV boards to find the likeminded ambitious individuals who seek to make the very best of themselves.

I am certain that there are many industries and employers that will offer the opportunity for people to fulfill their dreams, but none of them will offer this level of opportunity without a huge focus on background and education. Put simply, if you are motivated and ambitious, recruitment is the only place to be. I hire bright, driven, hard working and talented people and not only is it these attributes that mean the most to me, it’s these that breed the most success.

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