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Starting out in recruitment? How you can hit the ground running


The first three months of a new job are amongst the hardest you will face in any new job, and recruitment is no exception. You don’t just want to muddle through, you want to thrive and flourish. You need to work hard to hit the ground running and prove yourself invaluable, according to Geoff Sims, author of The Race to Pace and founder of Waq’e C

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Lauren Vint-McGee

Lauren Vint-McGee - Interquest Group

I had never planned for a career in recruitment. After leaving university early in 2006, I went into a local recruitment agency specialising in finance to try and get a job in accounting. They offered me a job as their receptionist as a stop gap... and the rest is history! I worked in a couple of agencies as a perms consultant before realising that

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Lucy Duffy – Meridian Business Support

Hear from Lucy Duffy who has just completed her first year in recruitment. 

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Clariss Skelton - Meridian Business Support

From Teaching to Recruitment - hear the story or Clariss Skelton

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Hear about how Russell went from managing a filing cabnet to Director of a multi-million pound recruitment business