Enter Recruitment is committed to helping ambitious individuals develop successful careers in the recruitment sector. Formed in 2018 by renowned industry figure, Teri Etherington, the company works in partnership with agencies and industry trade organisations to provide genuine opportunities for professionally minded job seekers and dynamic recruitment businesses alike. 

Industry statistics published annually by the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) highlight the continuing growth of the sector, which is worth in excess of £32 billion per annum to UK Plcs. Additionally, thousands of start-up agencies are registered with Companies House each year, indicating the sector's vast commercial potential.

That is where Enter Recruitment comes in, engaging with job seekers through a portfolio of events allowing individuals to learn what a career in recruitment has to offer. Focused on attracting new talent into the industry rather than moving around talent; we are here to reduce the shortfall of talent in our industry.

Our target audience is split into three groups:  

Graduates - Individuals who have studied at university not knowing exactly what they wanted to do afterwards.
These individuals are already targeted to work in recruitment but not until after graduation.
Enter Recruitment is bringing recruitment to universities on mass and at a crucial time to attract these job seekers to a career in recruitment.
Find out more about the events here:  

Returners to work - Individuals with relevant skills and experience to work in recruitment returning to the workplace after a career break for whatever reason.

Non-recruitment experience - These individuals will have a mixture of experiences which could include: sales, customer service, ex-military, ex-sports professionals, those with a hospitality background or anyone who may have sector experience such as a ex-teacher, ex-nurse etc.

Returners to work and those with non-recruitment experience will be targeted through regional events which will take place throughout the UK.

Mission statement: Provide access to new talent considering a career in recruitment.  

We do not work with individuals already working in recruitment. We provide an opportunity for recruitment businesses looking at hiring trainees the chance to meet and recruit individuals through face to face interactions.